This is unfortunate to say, but usually I find it hard to choose which good movie just won’t be good enough or audiences won’t relate to. This year it’s more like a whole list of stinkers and I can’t pick which one I think will be worst. Poltergeist, Pixels, JP4, et al, this summer’s a bummer. » 4/17/15 1:12pm Yesterday 1:12pm

It looks great. But it also looks very much like a JJ Abrams film, and those all look great. It doesn't look like a Star Wars movie to me, except that it def exists in the Star Wars world, but with some funky new JJ Abrams style designs because for JJ it's all about making JJ movies, not integrating into whatever… » 4/16/15 12:38pm Thursday 12:38pm

I was never really into the old cartoon, despite growing up at the perfect time. So, when the movie came out it was it's own standalone thing for me that I could judge on its own merits. And I will say that that I think it's an awful movie, that I really enjoyed and saw like 5 times in the theater, and then bought the… » 4/09/15 9:47pm 4/09/15 9:47pm

They really gave BW some time in this one, didn't they? Maybe they're finally coming around to her being an equal draw as Hulk, IM etc. I feel like I'm watching a crow find a tool and look at it twice...yes, pick it up, just a little but more, almost got of course being the standalone movie that BW deserves.… » 4/06/15 12:03pm 4/06/15 12:03pm

You bring up an interesting point: where are the rest of the Patton Oswalts? I didn't see any getting rounded up, and in fact they've been missing for a minute now. I'm sure it's because the actual PO is busy, but I'm hoping for an in show explanation that requires the reveal of a whole roomful of Oswalts. » 4/01/15 11:03am 4/01/15 11:03am