It's interesting, I liked finding all that Luke backstory out, because it makes a lot more sense to me now that they would give him an x-wing. He may be from a backwater but we see that he's a competent young man, not a boy. However, that would have just ruined the perfect pacing, and while interesting, wasn't vital.… » 11/26/14 2:44pm Yesterday 2:44pm

Aside from this footage not actually being remastered, it still shows why we need remastered footage. It was be gorgeous, and would breathe entirely new life into that classic series. Every episode would look like the movie. I don't even care about Battlestar reruns but I'd watch all of the remastered ones. Please… » 11/22/14 1:20pm Saturday 1:20pm

People often freak out about atomics, especially in the EU. Theyll always try to go solar powered if they can. Curiosity gets atomics cuz it's too big, Horizons gets atomics because it's too far out, but for Philae solar would have been great if the harpoons had worked. The s**t they would have had to go through to… » 11/22/14 1:15pm Saturday 1:15pm

I was literally traumatized by Ma Petite's death. She's so sweet that even when a man who's been accused of trying to f**k Amazon Eve pops into her bedroom in the middle of the night, she's cool with it. Sure you woke me up, now let me try on that dress! Now give me a hug because I love everybody! And she's such a… » 11/20/14 8:31pm 11/20/14 8:31pm